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The principles of each building component used in our domes allows for individual adaptations for each set of given local conditions and to spatial possibilities regarding the dome's size and usage. The dome can even be subsequently enlarged or reduced in size.

The air dome may of course be anchored to any existing foundation, or if requested by the customer, it is possible for us to design and build a new one. A standard work day is required for each subsequent erecting and dismantling of the air dome. This work may be handled alone by the customer or done in conjunction with the customer and our head assembly crew. The PVC shell is only just one of many components with a relatively low overall weight, making it favourable not only for assembly but also storage as well.

It is possible to build the air dome in any desired size. Doors and entrance chambers are supplied in consideration with the wishes and requirements of our customers. The customer even has the possibility to choose the height and dimensions of their dome.


The dimensions of the hot-air blower are recommended as such in order to reach an acceptable internal temperature of +16°C even during outdoor temperatures of -14°C (a difference in temperature of 30°C).

There is no echo effect in the air dome.

The external cable-mesh system compartmentalizes the PVC dome covering into many little "cupolas", essentially simply vaulted segments which lie all over the exterior surface of the dome, which are extremely good at trapping sound and eliminating any echo effect.

Direct, non-glare lighting is mounted to the ceiling of the inflatable hall, saving space and eliminating the need for non-direct lighting mounted on columns and posts, which not only take up space, but also have a markedly noticeable uneven reflective property on the casing of the inflatable hall.

Inflatable domes are protected against pollution.

The external protective layer is produced from anti-dust and in addition price-friendly material. We recommend that this external layer is changed regularly, thus ensuring that even after a long period of use the hall still gives a pleasing impression of being new.

The cable-net meshing in ESA inflatable domes are constructed to have a lesser degree of an angle in the corners and periphery areas, thus creating more room than what is found in normal domes that don't utilize this system of cabling.