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Prices and Investment Returns

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Further savings compared to other types of domes:

Erecting and dismantling the air dome is quick and easy, and very little space is required for storing the dome during summer months.

All three layers of our air dome covers (the PVC shell, the insulation membrane, and the protective outer layer) are more translucent than standard, heavier coverings used for most inflatable air domes. This, coupled with our cable meshing, lets in enough light during the day to render artificial lighting unnecessary during daylight hours, leading to a serious reduction in electrical costs. Even during winter months with low-light conditions, ESA air domes let in the same amount and permit the same quality of light as those domes which use artificial lighting, have heavier coverings, and don't utilize the cable-mesh system. Comparing the two kinds of domes, ours offers savings from 30 to 50 percent on electricity over those without cable-meshing.

Thermal insulation will reduce heating costs.

Our three-layer air dome covering system ensures a low level of heat loss, thus providing further savings on energy. Opting for more efficient insulating foils can offer even more savings, and a longer lifespan as well. And since 2001 we have been offering a new, patent-protected seal which can reduce heating costs by a further 20 percent.

When good climate conditions allow, the blower may be set to eco-mode, which reduces motor performance and thus lowering demands on the amount of electricity required during this period.

Even a less powerful blower can be installed at the customer's request, local weather conditions permitting.

Not only do we offer a wide range of sizes regarding our air domes, but also a broad choice of equipment and materials, which are all openly available on the market - our pricing is absolutely transparent and you have the possibility to compare.

Low acquisition costs, low consumer costs, a long lifespan (or, in other words, a high residual value) are three factors which support everything mentioned in the previous paragraphs, and also which are thus the most convincing arguments for choosing ESA inflatable air domes.