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Our Products

Construction Materials and Designs

We are constantly developing a better air dome, coming up with continual improvements and developments, employing the most state of the art materials available at the moment, as well as the most advanced technology available via our various producers and suppliers, thus ensuring state of-the-art materials from the textile industry for our various roofing, coverings, air-cushion suspension-, anchoring- and support systems.


Our domes have their very own kind of anchoring system, which offers a serious alternative to the principles of concrete-based anchoring. This system of anchoring can be adopted to many different kinds of projects and designs.

Airdome Durability and Protection Against the Elements

We registered an international patent in 2001 regarding a series of schematics, parts and designs which, when working alongside our excellent sealing system, ensures that each construction is protected against all kinds of weather: from gale-force winds to heavy rains, and even hurricanes and floods. Our air-supported structures also employ a unique, built-in monitoring system that, in essence, protects the dome automatically against snow and wind, with GMS technology utilized in many of its functions.