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Quality, safety and stability

The steel cable meshing and internal dome pressure give the hall excellent aerodynamic stability even during drastic fluctuations in weather (such as strong storms and the like). Besides this is the further possibility to utilize the cabling which extends over the dome to carry out inspections and to skim off large amounts of fallen snow.

A continuously-running blower driven by an electric motor creates the necessary air pressure in the inflatable dome. A heater is installed in front of the blower during the winter months in order to heat the air; it can be run on either gas or heating fuel. At the customer's request, it can be constructed even to heat water. In order to increase air supply in domes with large dimensions we offer separate blowers that run simultaneously. A diesel back-up generator can be fitted to the blower system in case of a power outage. Numerous options are broken down in detail in our price list which we will be happy to send to the customer on request.

Complementarily to the main blower and backup unit, it is also possible to request a replacement blower that comes equipped with an electric motor, which can be used together with the main blower system or separately.

On the basis of our long-term experience and use of quality materials we are able to provide a guarantee period which is relatively higher than the usual guarantee given in this field. Next is our offer of a relatively stronger blower mechanism whose advantages are possible to use first and foremost during times of strong winds and heavy snowfall.

All materials used in our inflatable domes are purchased from the leading European suppliers. PVC coverings and membranes, as well as our cable-mesh netting systems are produced and assembled in our very own workshops. Every machine and movable part, such as the blower system and emergency devices used in our air domes, meet the strictest regulations in all areas concerning safety, while also keeping comfort in mind.

Guarantee and lifespan

UV protection and lifespan

Positioned directly below the cable netting, the middle insulation layer, acting together with the outer layer, protect the PVC coating against damage caused by UV radiation. This radiation causes the unprotected PVC covering to develop cracks on the surface and eventually leads to the whole covering becoming brittle, which greatly limits the lifespan of inflated domes which come without any protective layers. Thanks to our specialized protection system, the PVC covering can reach an extended lifespan of 20 years. Such a long-term lifespan is out of the ordinary but allows us to guarantee the high quality of our halls.

ESA domes have a minimum average lifespan of 15 years. By simply replacing some worn-out components, we are able to present halls that have been assembled and disassembled on a  regular basis for more than 25 years which are still in immaculate condition.